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How to meet a girl on the street?

On the horizon a pretty stranger. Want to come up and talk, to impress, to cause her smile, invite on a date. But there it was. Heart pounding, hands shaking, mouth dry, her head is a mess. Having a set of how to meet a girl on the street? How to cope with stress, what to talk about with a stranger, how to behave in General, and will be discussed further.

How to start a conversation with a girl

How to meet a girl on the street?

As a child, you often heard that accost strangers impolite that the good boys and girls do not behave. Over time, children learn to distinguish between good and bad, but still, the parents lay the Foundation behavior. In the process of education can be fears, complexes, pathological dependence on the opinions of others. What to do in this case? Fight with them!

It often happens that the girl that I meet on the street, so deep in his thoughts that distract them hard. She can talk on the phone, listening to music with headphones or talking with a friend, which complicates the task. Give the signal to start the conversation, her wink or smile. Unfortunately, most of the guys on the smiles don’t come, and all because I do not know how to talk to young lady.

Pros of dating a girl on the street

  • You become more confident Practicing the skill acquaintance on the street will add a large number of points your self-esteem. But bear in mind that the scores will be added, after obtaining the necessary experience. In the beginning you will have to work.
  • Learning to get acquainted with a girl on the street, you will be able to meet anywhere Now nothing mattered. Parks, bars, libraries, and any other place where I can be girl, be a platform for your battle to conquer the hearts of women. Dating site ceases to be a factor that has a decisive influence on the result.
  • Not all girls go out to night clubs Acquaintance on the street expanding your capabilities in search of a decent girl. There are girls who bustling parties prefer road trips, sports or Hiking. To bring you lovely ladies in your life, you have to get acquainted with the girls on the street.

Meet a girl on the street in 5 seconds

  • Ask question standard street

Do 90 percent of all who are trying to meet a girl on the street. The banality of this approach is partly justified by its effectiveness. At least, a decent man, I will have to stop and start diligently to remember whether Malaya Yakimanka go to the Palace, if everything is shoveled large yellow excavator. The problem with this method is that after a detailed redeployment plan your carcass in the Palace is made, it becomes nothing more to talk, and all the norms of social ethics now require you to bow and go forever. So clever to figure out which way the beauty guides your foot, and try to sit on her tail. Since you are on the road, even if it will bring you to the second right turn in the direction of the Georgian Embassy. So five seconds, the impossible will become very real in a few minutes. And don’t tell me you can’t make a girl fall in love with you for two minutes.

  • Ask for help

No, it’s not meant to beg for money, cigarettes and phone number for a second — mother to call. It is quite beyond good and evil. The lighter is already much better. You can also pretend to be a core and pokanoket validol. Or ask people if they’d seen a girl in here pussy, redhead with bow. The old neighbor ran away, you have an hour through the streets looking for. How does it work? The question is moot. Personally, I know of only one case when such a request has turned into a real novel, but even one case — that’s statistics. My former classmate met with his Light, after half an hour together they crept along the dark street on all fours, trying with matches to find Andryushino lens. However, it is worth considering that Andrew wasn’t trying, then, to meet the Light: he is much more anxious to find lens.

A man meets in their environment, in order to show themselves better. Why men gain recognition from girls on the street, if he really achieved something in life? It is not rational. Only if he has nothing behind or doesn’t want long and tedious to prove. Tramp in nature. In the literal or figurative sense this word. It doesn’t matter how looks the man, asking for a phone in the street. Well, well, well, well, or God forbid, not very well. No matter what kind of car he drove on foot or drove. It is always a bad relationship. The man with the achievements brags to those where these achievements are visible. We men love to put their achievements on display. And if we have serious intentions, then we will do it as efficiently as possible.